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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you provide signs for our event?
Valet Pros is equipped with Quality Reflective Valet Signage and Pylons for your event making it easier to see the pick-up/drop-off area.

What does your valet staff look like?  Do you wear uniforms?
All drivers are outfitted in all-black Valet Pros uniforms. Special requests to co-ordinate with your function may accommodated. Please ask for further details.

Do we need a paid duty officer for our event?
Valet Pros will determine whether or not an officer is needed. In most cases when stopping traffic on busy streets an officer is necessary.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully covered.

Due to the distance between the parking lot and venue, how do you get the cars up front quickly?
We use radio communication between staff and the parking lot.

Do you provide tickets or guest info for complimentary valet?
Most event planners will let their guests know ahead of time that there is valet parking provided. We recommend using a small separate card marked “Valet” placed in the invitation for your event. Valet Pros will provide a claim ticket to all guests valeting their cars at the event.

You provide the valet drivers can you also provide a door person and coat check?
Valet Pros will arrange all staff needed for an event including valet drivers, door person, and coat check if needed.

Who arranges the parking lots to be used by the valet service?
In most cases Valet Pros will make all necessary parking arrangements for your event or venue.

Can you continue valet services full time at our restaurant?
Yes we can provide valet parking for permanent establishments. Valet Pros also does
consulting work for existing valet operations.

We are expecting a snow storm or possible rain for our event. What can you do?
Our full service valet includes snow clearing cars and walking guests with umbrellas to and from their cars in the valet zone.

I am having an event outside of the GTA and I need a valet service. Can you provide it?
We can provide valet services anywhere within the Southern Ontario area.